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Tausennigan transport ship, home to Tagon's Toughs. The Serial Peacemaker is just over 100 meters long, and a quarter that thick 2004-02-11.


Originally a troop transport on the //Post-Dated Check Loan, it became the primary ship for the Toughs after the P.D.C.L.'s destruction at the hands of the O'Benn. It was christened as the Serial Peacemaker// on 2002-11-23

It was destroyed on 2005-07-16 in the battle with the dark matter Paan'uri

Notable Owners/Pilots[edit]

Ennesby took over as shipboard A.I. when Kevyn had him run some tests on the then-blank ship's computer on 2002-11-18.


First appearance[edit]

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Author's Note[edit]

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