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The Post-Dated Check Loan, a Thunderhead Class Superfortress once owned by the Ob'enn. The ship served the Tagon's Toughs as their main starship.
Current Status: Destroyed.


The ship, known originally as the Sword of Inevitable Justice, was a part of the Ob'enn military where it saw four centuries of use 2001-06-15, but, with the help of a traitor, it was taken over by the enemy Kssthrata 2002-10-08. The corpses of the crew were flushed into the plumbing, and a high-pressure gas line was used to try and clear the resulting blockage. Apparently due to some bizarre quirk of hydrodynamics, the gurgling of the air trapped in the plumbing sounded exactly like an evil voice saying things like "YOUR SOULS ARE MINE", which caused the Kssthrata crew to abandon it and the AI to go insane.

Tagon's Toughs purchased the Sword of Inevitable Justice from a hypernet ad. The insanity of the ship's AI dropped the price to a bargain-basement 3,000 kilocreds 2001-03-22. Kevyn managed to avert disaster by having Captain Tagon order the AI not to think about ghosts. They renamed the ship Post-Dated Check Loan, which was abbreviated to "PDCL" and nicknamed Petey 2001-05-18.

The ship was the primary transport and weapons platform for the Toughs until an Ob'enn intruder threw the allegiance relay. This negated Tagon's standing orders, causing the AI to go insane again and self-destruct 2002-10-31.


Notable Owners/Pilots

Owned by Tagon's Toughs from March 2001 to October 2002


First appearance

The Toughs accepted delivery on 2001-03-25

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