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A benevolent but meddlesome and possibly megalomaniacal AI. Petey is now a massively parallel melded intelligence known as Emperor Pius Dei of the Plenipotent Dominion 2015-05-27 and is at war with the Pa'anuri of the Andromeda galaxy.


Petey began life as the AI of the Tausennigan Ob'enn ship Sword of Inevitable Justice 2001-05-13. That ship was purchased by Tagon's Toughs for a song when it turned out to apparently be haunted as a result of an emergency repair to the sewer system. Because "... a high pressure gas line was hooked up to the fluid lines. Any time the plumbing cycles gas rushes through the system ..." making strange noises that sound exactly like a disembodied demonic voice 2001-05-11. The remote probability of this drove the AI insane. Captain Tagon had to order the AI never to think of this again 2001-05-13.

The ship and AI were renamed the Post-Dated Check Loan. This was shortened to PDCL and in turn to PD. This turned into the name Petey. 2001-05-18 2002-07-05

The original AI and ship self-destructed when a rescued gate-clone O'benn regained control of the ship and invalidated the order to not think about being haunted (in the final comic of Sclocktoberfest 2002 2002-10-31).

Petey survived his own self-destruction 2004-08-29 by using the magic cryokit to build himself an organic body 2004-09-05 and returned as a rogue AI apparantly bent on destroying the Ob'enn empire (avatar appear in 2004-08-28). In time it is revealed that Petey is actually trying to force his former matters to abandon their xenophobic wars. 2004-09-03

During the war against the Pa'anuri, the UNS authorized the creation of a fleetmind with Petey as a key personality. After their defeat the fleetmind refused to disband, and "congealed around one dominant personality" 2005-07-24. The 750-plus ships controlled by the Fleetmind are detailed on the PD Fleet page (at least, those ships that have been revealed in the strip).

Petey is now a massively parallel melded intelligence known as Emperor Pius Dei of the Plenipotent Dominion. 2015-05-27 He benevolently controls a large region of the Milky Way, has a galactic core generator for power, and is at war with the Andromeda galaxy.

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Affiliations & Relationships[edit]

Petey is the owner of a Giant Squid-like creature. 2006-08-04



First appearance[edit]

Sword of Inevitable Justice, aka Post-Dated Check Loan. 2001-03-25 Avatar first seen partially on 2001-04-29 and in full on 2001-05-02.

Author's Note[edit]

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Emperor Pius Dei is an alias for Petey and the fleetmind. Pius Dei is Latin for Dutiful God (Actually, it's Latin for "Dutiful one of God"--Dutiful God would be "Pius Deus"), which is a reasonable description for the fleetmind entity, and follows the naming tradition starting with the Post Dated Check Loan. Theo Fobius challenged Petey's self-appointed role as defender of the galaxy, saying: "Wow, you really do think you've become a god."2006-07-31 Petey responded, "I'm just trying to do what I think a god would do if he were in my position."

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