Master Sergeant Reverend Theo Fobius

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Theo is the chaplain for Tagon's Toughs. Originally described as more of an irreverend than a reverend 2000-11-19, he does his best to provide for the Tough's spiritual needs. While he has used a gun on occasion, the weapon he is most familiar with is a sword 2001-03-03, 2004-12-04. In keeping with the mercenary spirit of his employer, Theo is multi-denominational 2001-12-28.


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Affiliations & Relationships

The Reverend fell in love with Doctor Edward Bunnigus soon after they met, after being stuck in an elevator together for 16 hours 2001-02-19. She realized her true feelings 2001-03-18 after he drew a sword to defend her when Doyt Gyo captured her 2001-03-03. They were engaged to each other sometime around the incidents on Ganj-Rho 2002-04-02. They were married on the Morokweng by Admiral Emm, 2008-01-27; however, their memories were altered soon after to remember a different wedding 2008-01-31. They know the false memory for what it is, but are unaware of the real marriage, and believe themselves to be engaged again.

They were re-married at Parnassus Dom 2012-01-22.


First appearance

He was hired as company chaplain after the death of Todd "Lazarus" Lazcowicz. He was the only applicant for the job 2000-11-17.

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