Lieutenant Doctor Edward Bunnigus

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The Tough's Doctor. Once referred to as "Patton with boobs" 2011-05-05.


Daughter of Charles and Jane Bunnigus, Dr. Edward "Bunni Gusto" Bunnigus was genetically engineered to fit her parents "start wif da exotic dancer thingy, and den make her reeely smart" request. 2001-02-11 She put herself through medical school working as an exotic dancer 2001-02-19, and joined the Toughs (along with the Reverend) after their old doctor was killed by a stray bullet. While Tagon's reasons for hiring her were less than professional 2000-11-16, she has been an able doctor, and commands respect far beyond her rank.

Affiliations & Relationships

Dr. Bunnigus fell in love with the Reverend Theo Fobius soon after they met, after being stuck in an elevator together for 16 hours 2001-02-19 and realized her true feelings 2001-03-18 after he drew a sword to defend her when Doyt Gyo captured her 2001-03-03. They were engaged to each other sometime around the incidents on Ganj-Rho 2002-04-02. They were married on the Morokweng by Admiral Emm, 2008-01-27; however, their memories were altered soon after to remember a different wedding 2008-01-31. They know the false memory for what it is, but are unaware of the real marriage, and believe themselves to be engaged again.

They were re-married at Parnassus Dom 2012-01-22.



First appearance

First mentioned by name 2000-11-16, and first seen 2000-11-19.

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