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A bounty hunter of great enthusiasm and limited intelligence.


Doyt is a bounty hunter that shows up to collect the bounty for the Doctor Todd "Lazarus" Lazkowicz (now deceased, but Doyt doesn't know that) 2001-02-26. In strip 2001-03-04 Schlock rips his head off and Dr. Bunnigus takes his body and head back to the ship where she puts them in the magic cryokit. The automatic surgeon repairs Doyt, but discovers that the AI is not in his suit, as he always thought, but rather embedded in his spine. The autodoc makes him into a shared personality person who is both Doyt and Haban. From this point on he is one person; DoytHaban.2001-03-09

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Showed up on the roof of the office building the Toughs were stationed out of 2001-02-26

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