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The result of the neurological merging of Doyt Gyo, bounty hunter, and Haban 3122, the artificial intelligence embedded in Doyt's spine.


Bounty hunder Doyt Gyo and his associate AI Haban 3122 attempt to capture Dr. Bunnigus 2001-02-26.

In strip 2001-03-04 Schlock rips his head off and Dr. Bunnigus takes his body and head back to the ship where she puts them in the magic cryokit. The automatic surgeon repairs Doyt, but discovers that the AI is not in his suit as he always thought, but rather embedded in his spine. The autodoc makes him into a shared personality person who is both Doyt and Haban. From this point on he is one person, DoytHaban.2001-03-09

Strip 2003-02-09 gives a little clue as to how he got the AI embedded in the first place.

On 2001-07-01 we learn that when the the magic cryokit created the shared state between Doyt & Haban 3122, it also biochemically altered him, and he can secrete at least six different weapons-grade substances, all of which are undetectable in their nascent state by security screenings (see also 2003-02-09 for when the UNS figured this out).

Doythaban first started working for the toughs as a lieutenant commander shortly after his clone was rescued 2001-10-07, but was made a full fledged Commander during the recruiting on Ganj-Rho 2002-04-14

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The last time we see him is in strip 2003-02-24

First appearance

Doyt Gyo and his AI counterpart Haban 3122 first appear in strip 2001-02-26

Other notable appearances

His wormgate copy ("Haban II") gets shot through the head in strip 2001-07-21.

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