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Haban, a.k.a. Haban II, is the physically altered gateclone of DoytHaban.


Haban II is created when DoytHaban is gate cloned by a wormgate 2001-06-25. At that time he is an exact copy of DoytHaban with both personalities in his head.

When Gasht'g'd'g'tang, a F'Sherl-Ganni, shoots him through the head 2001-07-21,he is placed in the magic cryokit which fixes him 2001-07-29, but the Doyt part is now gone, and the resulting "new" person 2001-08-06 goes by just "Haban" 2001-08-12 .

When Breya Andreyasn is kicked out of the Toughs 2001-09-02, he goes with her and it is eventually revealed that they are married 2003-10-06. Their wedding was pictured in the 2002-11-24 strip without any explanatory text.

Affiliations & Relationships

Admiral Breya Andreyasn - Spouse


First appearance

Haban (referred to in the strip as Haban II) is created in strip 2001-06-25 when a wormgate makes a copy of DoytHaban.

Other notable appearances

In strip 2001-08-12 Haban II and DoytHaban connect at the Haban level (since both Haban's are actually AI's) and in the dialog the Haban's are identical but Doyt is represented by a monkey, illustrating the differences in relative intelligences.

Author's Note

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