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The F'Sherl-Ganni are six-limbed, ten handed arboreal goat-lizards. Their four upper limbs (call 'em "arms") are bifurcated at the forearm, so they have eight forearms and hands up there. Their two lower limbs are non-bifurcated digitigrade "legs" with very nimble (if rather big) toes. They have tails, horns, and fangs, and typically wear nothing but a pair of belts -- one above their middle shoulder, and one above the hip.

They directed their own evolution for 100,000 years, but have been around a LOT longer than that. They can survive extended exposure (up to 30 minutes) to hard vacuum, are exceptionally strong, heal quickly, and are unlikely to die from any wound less severe than massive damage to their torso or a bullet to the brain.

There are 54 trillion of them, and they live in six Dyson Spheres called Buuthandi.

Well, they USED to. 9 trillion of them got evicted during Admiral Breya Andreyasn's assault on one of their Buuthandi. That sphere was destroyed, and the tenants fled via solar sail.

They were eventually rescued by parties from the remaining five Buuthandi, and Sixth-Lord p'd'k'Tag is now Sixth-Lord-In-Exile while plans are considered for a new Buuthandi.

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