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Breya Andreyasn is a human female of caucasian decent. She is about 6 feet tall, with an unknown weight. (No, I'm not going to ask.) She has brown hair, usually formed into a rounded peak at the front and ending with a short ponytail. She has brown eyes, and a slim yet attractive figure. She is usually seen wearing a dark green uniform with red fringe. In the photo to the right, we see her in her admiralty threads, complete with gold fringe, uniform pants, and epaulets.


When Breya Andreyasn bought Captain Tagon's mercenary company with her brother, she found it expedient to give herself a rank. So she named herself "Admiral," and though the company had but a single small cruiser (the Kitesfear was only about 80 meters long, and sported a single annie plant) she managed to make the pretence stick. "Commodore" would have been a real stretch. "Admiral" should have been out of the question, but she pulled it off.

When her investors pulled out and the secrets of the teraport were released into the public domain, the pretence began to unravel. Then Petey, the A.I. for the mercenaries' second ship, the Post-Dated Check Loan turned on her, and managed to get her thrown out of the company. Her brother Kevyn stayed behind, while she took a single loyal soldier, Haban, with her in a shuttle. 2001-09-06

She also took the frozen Nejjat terrorists with her who had been captured on the mission of the wormgate. These terrorists overpowered and tortured her 2001-10-07, but she and Haban managed to re-freeze them again 2001-10-14. Looking for her old power armor, Breya found the Toughs and ended up almost dead when Diamond Beetles assaulted her 2001-10-21. After the magic cryokit restored her body, Breya left the company again, not on the best terms with Tagon 2001-11-15.

She had big plans, and piles upon piles of moxie. In less than a year she was a REAL admiral, commanding a fleet of over a thousand warships from numerous worlds to take the fight to the heart of the Wormgate Corporation. They attacked a F'Sherl-Ganni buuthandi, releasing its gate-cloned captives and unlocking its technologies 2002-03-09. She hired Tagon to help in the fight, and when all was said and done the operation took down almost seventeen percent of the Wormgate Network, saved billions of lives, and inadvertently created a "species" of blue-haired scientist.

The joint operation dissolved, however, in betrayal, treason, and a disastrous retreat, and Breya took the UNS Destroyer Athens into hiding. //[from Schlock Mercenary Basic Training, 2003]//

She was found by the UNS after she called her brother Kevyn for help in the Zoojack system, bringing along Colonel Jevee Ceeta. While she was cornered and captured by General Xinchub, Pa'anuri destroyed his ship, allowing her to escape. She followed the Toughs around until she was able to rebuild her ship, the Athens.

Breya played a notable role in defeating the Pa'anuri, mostly through Athena, who received a gestalt from the future. After the formation of the Fleetmind, she was made ambassador to it and stripped of her admiralship 2005-09-11.

Breya was able to bury in the fine print of Kevyn's contract the clause "Report to Lady Andreyasn on marital status of her only daughter", much to Kevyn's surprise 2003-10-07. It is yet unknown if Kevin has done so.

Affiliations & Relationships

  • Married to Haban II
  • Has four brothers 2000-07-02 (of which Kevyn is the only one to appear), and no sisters 2003-10-07
  • Sometime owner (and occasional employer) of Tagon's Toughs
  • Works for the UNS
  • Ambassador to the Fleetmind (unclear whether her current position as Prime Tangent has replaced this)


First appearance

Breya first appeared in the strip on 2000-06-16 during her hostile takeover of Tagon's Toughs.

Other notable appearances

Breya's marriage was pictured on 2002-11-24 and officially confirmed/revealed on 2003-10-06.

Author's Note

[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!]


Breya worked with Petey to retrieve General Xinchub from the Toughs. She has no recollection of Xinchub's rebirth, but as an ambassador to the Fleetmind, why did she do this?

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