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"Buuthandi" can be idiomatically translated to mean "Dyson sphere."

Literally, it's the shortened form of the F'Sherl-Ganni phrase "Buut go buut-buut nnaa-nnaa cho handi," or "this was expensive to build." (Transliterated, for the linguist: <Expensive and expensive-expensive >expletive< we built.>)

A buuthandi has more in common with a solar sail than with the conventional (and decidedly impractical) concept of a rigid Dyson sphere (Freeman Dyson's concept is not the conventionally impractical one, mind you. His idea will work).The buuthandi does not support its own weight: it is essentially a balloon around a star, with power-collecting substations and giant habitats dangling from the inner surface. Control cables, quadrillions of square kilometers of slack sail material, and some very clever engineering allow the 'balloon' to compensate for (and in some cases mitigate) the mood swings of the contained star. 2002-03-09

Destroying a Buuthandi is difficult, as due to its sheer size alone it will withstand almost any known explosive, including planet-busting missiles.


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