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The Kitesfear, this was a Dragon Class Cruiser, which was first warships to be used by the Tagon's Toughs' when the Webcomic began.


The Kitesfear was a well-worn 70 meter [footnote, 2001-11-11] Dragon Class warship and belonged to Kaff Tagon at the beginning of the comic. She was destroyed by conversion bomb mines planted on her by Partnership Collective agents.[2001-02-07]

In addition to the events of the comic, the Kitesfear had been used to break or enforce (depending entirely on who was paying) several blockades. In one incident, reminiscent to the events at the beginning of The Sharp End of the Stick, Tagon dressed up the Kitesfear in a false hull in the successful attempt to lure in a group of pirates. [footnote for 2001-3-21]

Notable Owners/Pilots

The Kitesfear belonged to Captain Kaff Tagon from the time he founded Tagon's Toughs until she was destroyed at the Hellevator on Luna.


First appearance

First seen from the outside on 2000-06-18, though all the comic to that point had occurred on board.

Other notable appearances

Unsuccessfully attacked by the Partnership Collective above Celeschul, escaping by teraport. 2000-07-12 Attacked again by the Partnership Collective at the Kelrik Hub, again escaping via teraport. 2000-11-05 Was destroyed by smart conversion bombs planted by the Partnership collective at the Hellevator, above Luna 2001-02-07

Author's Note

[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!]


The name "Kitesfear" presumably came from the two shapes that make up the ship -- a kite and a sphere.

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