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Kelrik Station, is a down-on-its-luck backwater station which has fallen into disuse since the start of the Teraport Wars.


Kelrik Hub formerly served the busy Sag-Orion Wormgate line. When the Teraport was open-sourced and the fleet commanded by Admiral Breya blew up the Bu'uthandi running this line, the traffic dried up and the station lost much of its affluence and prestige, eventually being renamed Kelrik Station 2009-05-03.

Notable Residents and Expatriates

Jud Shafter, former K.F.D.A. commando, now leader of Shafter's Shifters.

Affiliations & Relationships

Home to the K.F.D.A. Commandos.


First appearance

Kelrik Hub first appeared after the Toughs stopped for dinner at one of its restaurants, the Chez Frere Jaques. When they returned to their ship, the K.F.D.A. Commandos were waiting for them 2000-09-24.

Other notable appearances

The Toughs returned to the station, in the timeline in which Tagon died, to collect assassination money following the death of Captain Pranger 2005-01-16. Schlock, 'Chelle, Elizabeth, and Chisulo returned to the station far later while they were split off during the events of Massively Parallel 2009-05-03. Name of the restaurant 2000-09-16 First appearance, K.F.D.A. introduction 2000-09-24 Station history, verification the restaurant is here 2009-05-03

Author's Note

[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!]


The system the station is in is referred to once as the Kelric system, however this may simply be a mistake 2000-10-01. The spelling 'Kelric' also occurs in the transcription of one other strip, but the strip itself has the correct spelling 2000-10-23.

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