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Corporal Chisulo is a Neophant who joins the Toughs while they are in the Sol system orbiting Jupiter.


Chisulo joins the Toughs in strip 2008-04-13 as a new recruit. He has knowledge of the maxims and gets into an argument about them with the captain who reminds him of maxim 11: Everything is air-droppable at least once.2008-04-15

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In strip 2008-04-28 it is mentioned that Corporal Chisulo gets his eye poked out. Chisulo and Elizabeth get in a big fight for a circus performance in strip 2009-05-24

First appearance

Corporal Chisulo first appears in strip 2008-04-13 when he takes offense at Captain Tagon's comments about soldiers staying in the pachyderm parade.

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