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A completely new hyperdrive concept invented by Kevyn Andreyasn.

It reduces the subject to standing gravitic waves, and then transports them, and itself, through billions of nanoscopic wormholes to the destination 2000-07-07. This technology is so new and so revolutionary that it has since its creation started numerous wars.

The teraport requires very little real mass, and can be carried in one's hand. It perforates space-time with quadrillions of tiny worm-holes. Because one can carry it, departure is possible from any point in the universe. Travel gets faster, and one can go to places where there are no wormgates. Picture yourself squeezing soggy pasta through the holes in a colander 2001-03-24.

It is this last fact, which - besides enabling a completely new type of warfare - brings Tagon's Toughs to the attention of some of the great sleeping powers of the galaxy (mostly the ones who own, operate, and exploit the wormgates). To combat the nefarious assaults instigated by those Gatekeepers, Breya initiates the release of the teraport transport technology as open source 2001-08-19. It was a heady moment for Kevyn when he actually sent out the plans (but that's mostly 'cause he was spamming something like 30% of galactic society) 2001-05-25.

The free sharing of this technology results almost immediately in the following events 2001-08-26:

  1. the Wormgate Corporation responding immediately, denouncing the teraport as unsafe, untested, unreliable, and impossible to regulate;
  2. shares of Andreyasn I.I.E. (Symbol, ASININE) to fall 99.965% in a veritable bloodbath of heavy trading;
  3. Terrorists, Freedom Fighters and your neighbour's mom starting to equip bombs and missiles with teraport systems;
  4. the UNS Security Council announcing that it has developed and deployed a system for blocking any teraport activity in populated space;
  5. shares in Strohl Munitions soaring up a hundred-thousand percent with their announcement of a home defense system against teraports.

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The teraport was first introduced on 2000-07-07 by its inventor, Kevyn Andreyasn. Sgt. Schlock was the first living organism to successfully teraport. 2000-07-10 In strip 2000-07-16 the teraport was first used to transport an entire ship as a last resort to escape an attacking warship of angry attorney drones.

There have been at least nine generations of the teraport, according to Kevyn 2007-02-26.

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Introduction and description: 2000-07-07

Other notable appearances[edit]

First real use on an entire starship was on 2000-07-16

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