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A plant pot with teraport capability.


In the Tuesday February 12th, 2002 strip, Hob is drilling the carbosilicate amorphs on Ghanj-Rho in digging up trees and putting them in the Terapots in preparation for the eye tree rescue to come. Once in the Chev Clan's Trap 2002-02-17, they start putting eye trees in the pots, but the Chev Clan has put a TAD around the dome the plants are being kept in so the first one to be teraported fails and is destroyed with a TeraSPLAT. An alternate escape plan is devised.


Notable Examples[edit]

There are only two strips with the Terapot, 2002-02-12 and 2002-02-20.


First appearance[edit]

In the strip dated 2002-02-12 Hob and the amorphs on Ghanj-Rho are training to quickly dig up eye trees and put them in the Terapots to rescue them from the Chev Clan who have stolen the trees to force the amorphs into slavery.

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