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Carbosilicate amorphs began as distributed/redundant organic memory systems millions of years ago on Ghanj-Rho. They were created to use a combination of secreted fullerenes, long-chain proteins, and doped silicates for molecular memory. During the fall of the Bradicor civilization that created them, their external support systems began to fail, and their internal repair mechanisms were forced to cope. Memory was sacrificed for additional functionality, and they evolved into self-replicating creatures capable of feeding themselves. And they retained the ability to store distributed data.

They have evolved symbiosis with eye trees, which provide them with organs for sight. Carbosilicate amorphs have long since evolved to they point that they have a civilization, the ability to learn multiple languages, and a fair understanding of the world around them. Ghanj-Rho is loaded with toxic, heavy-metal wastes, and a fair amount of radiation, but they're mostly immune to it. The redundancy of their systems provides for that.

When Amorphs fight, they wage chemical warfare on each other from within, flowing together, and letting their immune systems sort things out. The result is always a changed pair of amorphs, and sometimes a single amorph with the memories of both. Funny thing - amorph sex can be the same way. They merge, and combine bits of themselves to form a new amorph. They can also do this (to a limited extent) with aliens: It takes longer - they have to acquire knowledge about their alien mate, and let their unique organic chemistry examine samples. Thus their children possess behavioural attributes of both parents.

Amorphs are capable of transferring memories between members of their species, by pulling off little pieces of themselves, and passing them around like "meaty, peaty biscuits" 2005-08-26 and 2009-05-22.

Unknown if it applies to all amorphs, or just Schlock, but he can turn himself inside out and perform a kind of self-cleaning cycle with an acid bath 2011-05-20.

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