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Gray-green skinned bipedal race of Ghanj-Rho. Each member of the Bradicor have a cranial ridge which descends dorsally along the cranial ridge. It eventually bifurcates from the skull and becomes a tail-like structure that descends along the vertebrae and terminates (generally) short of the ground. The Bradicor have elongated arms that are nearly half again as long as they are vertical in some cases. They are effectively immortal.

The Bradicor survivors on Ghanji-Rho the last remnants of a race whose computers gave rise to the Carbosilicate Amorphs, of which Sergeant Schlock is one 2001-12-16.

Notable Members[edit]

Rod, Chairman of the Ghanj-Rho Council 2002-03-27 Vog, former member of Tagon's Toughs.

Notable Organizations[edit]

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