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Much like a Faraday cage is an enclosure made of conductive materials which serves to prevent electrical charges on the outside from frying things on the inside, a Teraport Cage is similar in principle, in that it mitigates the effect of Teraport Area-Denial (TAD) fields within the cage, allowing reasonably safe teraporting from within the cage to any point outside an unfriendly TAD field 2007-01-28.


Invented by Emperor Pius Dei (Petey) 2007-02-25.

Notable Examples

In strip 2004-10-07 a teraport cage is deployed disguised as a police call box paying tribute to Dr. Who. On 2012-02-02, a variation called the "Beach-Head" cage was introduced. It is an open-front cage designed for rapid deployment and evac.



First appearance

First mention in the strip: 2004-10-07 (I think - might need this verified).

Other notable appearances


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