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"It's not astronomy ...It's Proactive Target Acquisition" 2003-06-28

The Very Dangerous Array (VDA) is a high-resolution sensor net built using a number of terapedoes. Analogous in function to The Very Large Array (VLA)[1] in New Mexico, it uses a large number of relatively-low-resolution sensors to create a high-resolution composite. Unlike New Mexico's VLA, the VDA has the ability to generate a significant amount of "blam".

A VDA can also help get around the pesky speed-of-light limit on the distance from which traditional missiles can be detected (as expanded upon in a footnote 2005-03-13.


Invented by Commander Kevyn Andreyasn when the Serial Peacemaker was hiding under a beach to avoid detection by UNS ships, and was effectively blind as a result 2003-06-24.

Basic Technologies used

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  • Hypernet
  • Teraport (not strictly necessary; non-FTL torpedoes could, in principle, be used, but would be much less effective)


Notable Examples

Presently, the only known VDA is in the possession of Tagon's Toughs. Though, from some perspectives, the PD Fleet may qualify.


First appearance

First reference 2003-06-24. First image 2003-06-29.

Other notable appearances

Author's Note

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As "very, very proactive target acquisition" 2003-06-27, the VDA is likely deployed whenever it wouldn't be a Bad Idea to do so (at least, by the Toughs' standards, anyway).

The Very Dangerous Array name was re-used in the Troy Rising series, except as a distributed array of mirrors used for solar-pumped laser power.

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