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Teraport-enabled missiles with a cheerful and intuitive user interface.



Terapedoes ("teraport" + "torpedo") were a natural modification to the teraport technology. Petey, then just the AI of the //Post-Dated Check Loan//, created the first terapedoes, but after the technology was made public, several other sources created their own versions. The first terapedo to make the news was used by the Creethlings for Sovereignty and Expansion to destroy a Golbwerian base 2001-08-26, though they called it a "teraport-enabled missile". Terapedoes quickly became standard military equipment.

Basic Technologies used[edit]

Notable Examples[edit]

[Just what it says]


First appearance[edit]

Terapedoes first appear on 2001-07-27, referred to as "missiles with teraports on them".

Other notable appearances[edit]

On 2005-04-01 the appearance of a duplicate Terapedo proved that time travel was possible; the subsequent destruction of the original on 2005-04-03 proved paradoxical causality, or to put it in layman's terms: it is possible to change the past.

Author's Note[edit]

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In the strip referenced above (2005-04-01), the node number of 42is probably a nod to the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy series (though the footnote claims "You'll find no answers in coincidental numerology. At least not any important ones.") This wasn't Terapedo 42's first appearance, however: this was also the number assigned to the Terapedo that was assigned to investigate the sailship in 2003-07-22.

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