Doctor Todd Lazkowicz

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An older man who served as the Tough's first doctor.


The toughs initially ignored their doctor's background, a situation he must have not have minded. He played a major role in project Laz'r'us 2003-02-09, but left UNS custody to work for the toughs. He had access to medical technology beyond the typical doctor, but the toughs did not get much benefit until after he died, when his "magic cryokit" fell into their hands. He was killed by a ricocheting bullet fired by Sergeant Schlock 2000-10-30, and was given a funeral wherein he was referred to exclusively as "the dead guy" 2000-11-19. However, Todd's shadow has been over the toughs ever since.

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First appearance

The Doctor was the third character to appear, giving Schlock his first physical, and discovering that amorphs don't have butts 2000-06-13.

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Appeared for a combination of foreshadowing and April fools on 2002-04-01

Author's Note

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Was Project Laz'r'us named after the good doctor?

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