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The Thunderhead Superfortress, built by the Tausennigan Ob'enn, is one of the most fearsome classes of warship ever to ply the stars. One superfortress is just over a kilometer from jibbenmast to gravystem and can deploy up to sixteen dragon-class warships. It carries a crew of 200, along with a droplement of up to 10,000 soldiers, depending on species. Thunderheads are piloted by highly intelligent on-board A.I.2001-03-25. Each ship weighs a few hundred million metric tons and displaces as much water as a heavier-than-water sphere of 1000 meters diameter 2002-10-20. The side with the hangar bay openings is considered the bow, and the side with the large annie-plant is considered the stern 2002-09-02.


Notable Thunderhead Superforteresses

  • //Post-Dated Check Loan// (ex-Sword of Inevitable Justice)
  • Staff of Unrelenting Order
  • Scimitar of Irreparable Damage


First appearance


Other notable appearances

[This section is for examples of this class that do not appear frequently. For example, an appearance by the Post-Dated Check Loan would not be listed here, but an encounter with the Staff of Unyielding Order (also a Thunderhead Superfortress) would.] The Staff of Unrelenting Order and Scimitar of Irreparable Damage set out to recapture the Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance 2004-07-27 Staff and Scimitar are disabled by near-cee breachers from Petey's ship Polysyllabic Designation 2004-08-20

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