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UNS General Levaughn Matsui "Hugo" Xinchub 2007-05-20. A.k.a. King Levaughn Matsui Xinchub the Prandial A fat and maniacal despot who has his hands in too many pies.


General Xinchub is somewhere between a politician and a soldier. He was heavily involved in project Lazarus, and a fierce political opponent of Breya Andreyasn. He was able to force the toughs into hunting down Breya, but an unexpected attack by the Pa'anuri left him in the hands of Breya and the toughs. he was sold into slavery on Yoming by Tagon 2004-04-18, Crowned king a year later 2007-05-20 , and assassinated the next day 2007-06-24, later revealed the assassin was Jevee Ceeta 2008-02-03. Due to his involvement with project Lazarus he was able to survive decapitation, and a smaller body was created from his original. He is currently in the custody of the Fleetmind where he has been restored to normal human appearance, albeit at a reduced mass.

Recipient of the UNS Silver Star for Valor for thwarting the robot invaders 2003-08-14.

Revealed to be illegally 'boosted' 2007-06-17.

Affiliations & Relationships

UNS Colonel Jevee Ceeta


First appearance

2002-05-26 He briefs the deputy Elephant of the United Nations of Sol.

Other appearance

He is seen as a headless zombie 2007-10-31 as later referenced on 2011-07-01. Calls Admiral Emms on the Battleplate Morokweng to gloat from Plaited Daisies (Fleetmind) in strip 2008-01-19

Author's Note

[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!]


[Insert uncertain and speculative facts about the character.] Xinchub appears to be a cunning and ruthless character who has slipped into evil ways, and clearly enjoys them. However he also appears to be intelligent and versatile, and was taken into (protective?) custody by Petey after the body theft from Yoming and subsequent re-animation by the Laz-R-us nannies. Petey does not help the bad guys out of sympathy. It would seem that he has plans for the ex-fat-man. Possibly including rehabilitation. Probably no-one else could do it, or even want to. He will be back.

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