Chef Sergeant Ch'vorthq

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Former diplomat and high explosive Ch'vorthq is now the chef for Tagon's Toughs.


Ch'vorthq began life as an Ambassador for the Creethling, but later defected and joined the Toughs.

Pronunciation note

Ch'vorthq's name is pronounced as follows: start with the hard "CH" as in "china," rather than the soft "CH" from "chevrolet." Now make the sound of an expensive piece of china being struck by a moving chevrolet--that noise is represented with the apostrophe. The rest is easy. Say "vorthq" with the soft "th" from the word "the" and a "q" like in "qetzlcouatl." 2000-07-25 Written in X-SAMPA, [ tShvorTq ] is the best likely human approximation.


Apparently, Ch'vorthq whips everything because he didn't know the Toughs like to chew [2013-05-22 through 2013-05-25]. File:Http://

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First appearance

The Toughs pick up the Creeth ambassador 2000-07-25


During Book 14: Broken Wind, Part II, Ch'vorthq starts to feel betrayed. He states "I've been cooking for you people for years, but only now does anybody complain. Have you been laughing about the food behind my back this whole time?" 2013-10-26 He then begins his detonation process, for which he was originally designed.

Immediately, they go to work to try to stop him from detonating. Tailor, Pibald, Shodan leave the ship onto an outcrop of a godwall where they operate. They are able to save only Ch'vorthq's brain and the rest of his body detonates moments after they drop it over the side of the godwall. 2013-12-18

He is then outfitted in a new articulated body with track treads, with his brain


enclosed in a jar. 2014-03-11

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