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Tall (after getting longer legs installed, at least--prior to that, she was 154cm tall 2001-12-02), blond and capable, Ellen Foxworthy, aka Elf enjoys wearing a variety of armor and weapons for which she has an instinctive ability to use to its full potential, including some kick-ass boots 2004-10-18. She has also, on occasion, been seen in an evening dress.


Elf joined the Tough's by pretending to be a man 2007-11-11. Details of the masquerade & how she was revealed to be a woman have not yet been shown in the strip.

When Schlock joined Tagon's toughs, Elf was a corporal, with all of the rough spirit of an enlisted soldier. While in action in the Zoojack system, she lost both of her legs, along with her tank 2003-11-02. She has been promoted several times, first to the lieutenant in charge of the armor platoon 2002-04-14, and then later she was rapidly promoted to lieutenant commander 2006-10-10, and then to commander 2006-10-11.

Affiliations & Relationships

Commander in Tagon's Toughs. Wife of Kevyn (who took her last name when they married).


First appearance

Elf first appeared in 2001-10-11 as the first female grunt shown in the strip, surprising Tagon, who did not know he had any women working for him as grunts.

Other notable appearances

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