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Captain Kevyn Foxworthy ( Andreyasn) is an entrepreneurial, multi-disciplined scientist and engineer whose rank was acquired exclusively in the mercenary employ of Tagon's Toughs. He is currently a "low thirty-something." Legs has described him as tasting of "Ancient Spice" cream shave 2010-08-22.


[this first piece is from the old "Schlock Mercenary Basic Training" page, and is canon -- Howard]

Commander Kevyn Andreyasn never aspired to a career as an officer in a mercenary company. A certified genius, he easily qualified for Spannington's Registry of the 100 Most Intelligent Humans, and was only dropped from the registry when Lord High Muckity Spannington learned that Kevyn was risking his life by doing violence for money -- a clear indicator of less-than-stellar reasoning if ever there was one.

Kevyn would have held post-doctoral degrees in a dozen different fields, but he never could be troubled with things like final exams, much less dissertations. He typically attained mastery of a subject by mid-terms, and stopped attending classes in order to do something more interesting. At the tender young age of twenty-six, he put his understanding of wormhole physics, gravitics, nanomotile engineering, and the Uni-Field Matrix together and coughed up a new method for traveling faster than light.

Or rather, a very, very OLD method. The Wormgate Corporation had been suppressing the technology that Kevyn called the "teraport" for tens of thousands of years, and planned to continue suppressing it. Kevyn, however got lucky. He and his sister thought that a mercenary company might make a great marketing tool for their new drive, and by the time the Wormgate Corporation got around to the "violent suppression" part, Kevyn was hanging out with people who knew all about "staying alive in spite of violence."

One thing led, as it inevitably does, to another, and the entire Galaxy is now in the throes of "The Teraport Wars." The UNS and her allies are fighting the Wormgate Corporation, and countless other galactic races are opportunistically making war with each other, using weapons and tactics made possible by a twenty-six-year-old genius who Should Have Known Better.

Kevyn is pushing thirty now, and has been killed and gate-cloned at least once that he knows of. He knows his way around any weapon you care to lay hands on, because he figures that you can't Save The Galaxy if you can't figure out how to save your own skin.[1]


[This second piece is from a footnote. Also canon]

Kevyn Andreyasn excelled at learning, much to the dismay of his teachers who wanted him to excel at completing his assignments. Born to privilege, he was able to skip past what he called "the boring bits" and complete doctorate-level studies before his eighteenth birthday.

He was not, however, able to acquire the necessary diplomas to allow him to put extra letters in front of his name.

Kevyn quietly sought but never obtained respect from the scientific community, submitting article after article during the years he worked R&D for Strohl Munitions, only to have them rejected for coming from an unlettered source.

The exception, of course, was his invention of the Teraport. That game-changing teleportation system, once widely published with open specifications, resulted in galaxy-spanning wars which nearly got Kevyn killed.

These days in Kevyn's line of work it's not "publish or perish." It's "publish, then run away."

While an expert in weapons of all kinds, he most famous for his anti-matter grenade epaulets, the left epaulet is a quite useful anti-tank device, and the right is a bomb with a yield of around 13.75 kilotons.

Kevyn has a history of cloning himself, and then blowing up the original. The first time, after experimenting with F'Sherl-Ganni technology at Target Echo, Kevyn realized that his UNS security detail was not particularly interested in increasing his life expectancy, and converted a wormgate into a gravy gun. The second time, after traveling back in time, Kevyn armed his right epaulet to rather impressive results.

Despite his best efforts, Kevyn lived though the subsequent explosion. This resulted in two nearly identical Kevyns, but the time clone chose to retire rather than continue working for the Toughs.

The Kevyn who was blown up in the Phica incident (that is, not the time clone) was then reconstructed by Petey, who supplied him with Laz-R-Us blood nannies without Kevyn's knowledge 2011-12-20. This allowed Kevyn to return from death multiple times and, in the Laz-R-Us super-soldier form, destroy Commodore Shufgar's pirate garrison during the Toughs' misadventure on Pronto's World. Petey later removed the nannies and reverted Kevyn to his normal body form 2007-05-16.

In 3098 he started a relationship with Ellen Foxworthy. They married in 3100 or 3101 (off-screen between books 16 and 17, 2016-12-25), and he took her last name (2016-08-20, 2016-08-28). Around that time, Kevyn assumed command of TT-12 Maxim 39.




Affiliations & Relationships[edit]

  • Sister to Breya Andreyasn
  • Three brothers: names unknown
  • Mother: still alive [FIXME]
  • Father: unknown
  • Husband of Ellen Foxworthy



Kevyn first appears in a non-speaking role in the sixth strip on Saturday, 2000-06-17, with his sister, Breya. At the time, she is in the middle of the hostile takeover of Tagon's Toughs. His first speaking appearance is a week later on Sunday, 2000-06-25, where we catch him coming out of his new lab that he has just finished outfitting. Based solely on the warnings he posts on the door, we know it is a dangerous environment. In his words, "It's not even safe to have all these signs on the same door."

Author's Note[edit]

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External References[edit]

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