Corporal Leelagaleenilelenoleela

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Frellenti member of the Toughs. Her actual name is "Leelagaleenileeleenoleela" (with double e's) 2010-03-28, but she is called "Legs" for short 2002-05-07.


A bipedal flightless bird-analog with a bulbous, snouted head and eyestalks, everybody refers to her as "Legs." Her name is a mouthful, and her legs make her as tall as most of the Toughs. Due to her lack of arms, she frequently uses her long prehensile tongue to operate equipment and perform other tasks.

Affiliations & Relationships

A Grunt in Tagon's Toughs.


Referred to as Leelagaleenileeleenoleela on 2003-01-22

First appearance

2002-05-07 Reports for duty on Kevyn's mission to understand how the F'Sherl-Ganni's gate cloning mechanism works

Author's Note

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