Kevyn Andreyasn (Time Clone)

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A version of Kevyn who came from an alternate timeline which no longer exists. Referred to as “Keyvn Prime Andreyasn” in 2013-02-14. Has also previously been unofficially referred to as “Kevyn II” or “K-Prime”.


The Schlock Mercenary universe "branches off" at a certain point where in Kevyn and Schlock travel back in time to prevent the end of the galaxy. This also prevents Kevyn and Schlock from going back in time, making the Kevyn who traveled back in time a "time clone" (as referred to by the characters) and making the Kevyn who did not travel back in time "the original".

Kevyn II uses his knowledge of future events to win a substantial lottery and retire. This catches up with him in the book Massively Parallel when the (rigged) lottery owners on Paris kidnap him to get him to make them a time portal of their own.

Affiliations & Relationships

The time-clone copy is seven weeks older than the Kevyn that still works with the Toughs.

Time-clone Kevyn retired following Petey's victory at the galactic core to enjoy his lottery winnings on Celeschul next door to General Tagon 2005-07-23.


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