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Pel Ebbirnoth a.k.a "Ebby" is a Unioc member of the Toughs.


Took advanced placement xenoanatomy, xenorganic chemistry, xenotaxonomy, and other things with "xeno" in front of them in order to become a more efficient killer 2009-10-25, or as Pi puts it, a "xenokillologist" 2013-05-28. His eight years of studying these subjects granted him two "pseudoctorates," as it was actually a liberal arts program 2013-05-29.

In strip 2008-08-10 Ebby gets his eye shot off and we learn a little about Unioc biology in the following months.

Ebby became an officer sometime between strip 2007-08-14, when he was a sergeant, and strip 2008-04-29, when he was either an ensign or a lieutenant. He was identified as a (recently promoted) lieutenant in strip 2008-05-31.

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First appearance[edit]

Ebby first appeared in 2006-03-02 when he was picked for some undercover infiltration.

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