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Lieutenant Shore "Pi" Pibald is a demolitions expert and enthusiast.


Pi was first mentioned when Captain Tagon confused Petey's mention of pi (3.14159...) with Pibald's nickname. He mentioned that Pi should be on medication 2002-07-03, presumably for his megalomania and mild paranoia.

When Pi first appeared in person, he claimed to be able to perform a brain transplant with nothing but safety scissors and a drinking straw 2004-01-30.

After the death of Pronto, the Toughs' previous demolitions expert, Pi was very eager to receive the job, submitting 59 applications 2007-06-26. It was then discovered that he had created an "ant farm" in which the "ants" were Boomex-producing macro-, micro-, and nanobots 2007-07-04.

When the //Touch-and-Go was captured by the Morokweng,// Pibald appeared to die with the last words of "Don't take another step or I'll blow us all to the Kumquat Kingdom!" 2008-01-06. He survived, however—presumably thanks to the battleplate's gravitics. He was promoted to Lieutenant in the aftermath of the Toughs' being implanted with false memories 2008-02-17. He did not realize that he had been made red-green colorblind as petty revenge for his Kumquat Kingdom bomb [2008-03-08 - 2008-03-13].

Despite his mental instability, Pi has been shown to have the ability to make solid intuitive leaps. He correctly surmised the nature of Credomar 2009-12-11 and guessed the reason that the RedHacked Balt Binion was preferentially dealing head trauma 2012-06-26. He also has a keen sense of smell 2013-10-24 and is an excellent shot 2012-11-12.

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Mentioned by name 2002-07-03 Appears in the flesh 2004-01-30

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It seems quite likely that Pi survived his suicide attempt because 'Kweng teraported him out just as the bomb went off. Either that, or the shaping of the charge directed it away from him.2007-11-28

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