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One of the Toughs' ships.


The ship known as the //Integrity// when it was part of Pranger's Bangers, was re-named the Touch-and-Go post-refit 2006-01-05 after Schlock was granted a salvage claim on it 2005-08-04.

The Touch-and-Go narrowly escaped destruction when Admiral Emm wanted to wipe out Tagon's Toughs for knowing about Project Laz-R-Us. Breya Andreyasn rammed it with the //UNSV Terra Firmator to shield it from the gravitics of Emm's battleplate UNSV Morokweng// 2007-12-16. Its command tower was torn off shortly afterward 2007-12-30. When it was repaired aboard Morokweng', the command tower was replaced with a new bridge flush with the hull 2008-03-02.

It was severely damaged during the Credomar incident and subsequently broke in half 2009-03-08. After this, it was rebuilt to a more compact design 2009-04-10. Later still, during the Oisri incident, its AI Tagii went insane and rammed the Morokweng, leading a Pa'anuri into it 2012-12-20. The Touch-and-Go survived the incident, but it was too badly damaged to be repaired 2013-01-13. The Toughs' next ship was the gunship Bristlecone.

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Appearance during first refit[edit]

The Touch-and-Go being repaired aboard Morokweng: 2008-03-02

First appearance after second refit[edit]

The latest version of the Touch-and-Go after the rebuild at the High Olympus Shipyards: 2010-06-27

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[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!]


After the ship's second refit, the rec deck no longer seems to have that infamous flooding problem; maybe they finally got rid of the pools?

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