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Pranger's Bangers is a famed mercenary company under the command of Colonel Drake Pranger. Pranger, a Daehremmah career soldier, founded the company. They specialize in middle-to-heavy armor operations, and choose to recruit infantry locally, and temporarily. They are one of the premier small mercenary companies in the Milky Way galaxy, with over 1,000 soldiers and 300 heavy tanks.


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Notable Members

Affiliations & Relationships

At one point the Ob'enn provided Tem Phica with funds sufficient to engage Pranger's services. Pranger was in the dark about who he was REALLY working for, and simply thought he was toppling a government. That particular contract went badly for Pranger, and then, following some time travel, went even worse for Tem Phica.

The Daehremmah are physically very similar to the Ystrebens, and this results in some degree of sympathy from Pranger and his soldiers -- especially when Tem Phica was abducted by two hairless apes and an amorph.


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Author's Note

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Pranger's Bangers are a reference to Hammer's Slammers, a mercenary tank regiment that features in several short stories by David Drake.

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