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Colonel Drake Pranger is a Daehremmah male, and is 165 Earth-years old. This is middle-age for his people. He is the commanding officer and majority shareholder of the mercenary company Pranger's Bangers.


Drake Pranger was a career soldier for the Daehren military, working his way from infantry into artillery, and from there into heavy armor (e.g. tank) command. A sweeping pacifist movement on Daehre left him unemployed at age 90, so he called a few friends, took out a small business loan, and purchased as much military surplus as he could. From there he struck outward across the galaxy making a very impressive name for himself and Pranger's Bangers.

Within 15 years the pacifists on Daehre were paying him and his company three times what regular government forces would have been paid in order to provide "proactive defensive services." Pranger succeeded in winning the conflict, but also secretly sponsored a bloodless coup in which more sensible politicians (by Pranger's definition, anyway) were put into power. When they offered him his old job back, however, he declined, and left Daehre for good 2004-10-13.

60 years later, he was killed while negotiating a contract with Tem Phica 2004-10-16.

Oh, wait. Reset the counter, scroll back... he wasn't killed. He got bought off en-route by Kevyn Andreyasn, and hand-delivered Tem Phica to Captain Kaff Tagon. He and his company then helped Tagon, Kevyn, and Petey prevent the Gatekeeper project at the Galactic Core from destroying the Milky Way(and from creating the circumstances necessary for the time-travel which saved Pranger's life, but paradoxes are like that. He's still alive.) Take one: 2004-10-14 Take two: 2005-05-15


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Pranger's Bangers


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