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Tem Phica is a Yestreban male of noble birth.


Tem Phica was the head guerrilla, or "Jefe", of an Ob'enn-funded war in the system of Ystrebe. Tem was born into what used to be the Royal House of Phica. The royals lost political power three centuries ago in the general elections, and he wanted it back. He thought that the Ob'enn would actually __help__ him. He was honestly deluded enough to believe that they were on his side.

Three hundred years might seem like a long time to hold a grudge, but it was only recently that House Phica began losing its economic power base. Tem was a member of the first generation of Phicans actually expected to __work__ for a living, and he never really took to that. Interestingly, he worked a __lot__ harder as a guerrilla Jefe than he would have in an honest job, but Ob'enn funding was generous -- his standard of living was higher, too 2004-10-09.

Tem was a fanatic. He believed that House Phica was the rightful ruling body on Ystre, and all of Ystrebe, and would have stopped at nothing to gain power. He believed that he would even wilfully give his own life, but when pressed he turned out to be something of a coward on that point.

Affiliations & Relationships

Accepted money from the Ob'enn Hired Colonel Drake Pranger and Pranger's Bangers


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Tem Phica is first mentioned 2004-10-09 Schlocktoberfest 2004 story arc. He is first seen on 2004-10-11

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