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Embassy Ship Terra Firmator is a decommissioned and "lobotomized" battleship that is now Ambassador Breya Andreyasn's vessel 2006-06-18.

"Terra Firmator" is Latin for "ground which makes solid"—a reference to the phrase "Terra Firma," which is Latin for "solid ground."


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Notable Owners/Pilots

  • In the service of Ambassador Breya Andreyasn
  • Garrison was commanded by then-Colonel Kerchak


First appearance

First mentioned (though not by name) 2005-09-13 First appeared 2006-01-15

Other notable appearances

Appeared at the Toughs' extradition hearing 2006-06-16 Saved the Touch-and-Go from being crushed by the Morokweng 2007-12-16

Author's Note

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