General Edgar Kerchak

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Sapient gorilla soldier that served in the UNS. Retired.


Captain Edgar Kerchak served under Colonel Clarence Jaksmouth in the 711th UNS Marines in the Zoojack system 2003-10-15. Kerchak led the 711's alpha company 2003-10-28. Some time after the death of the Colonel, he was himself promoted to Colonel.

After the formation of the Fleetmind, Edgar Kerchak emigrated from the UNS to Fleetmind space, where he was made a general and retired in relative luxury. When Karl Tagon and Kevyn Andreyasn were kidnapped by Damico-P'Sloqye, he was handed a large sum of cash in exchange for putting on some pants and calling in some favors to help the Fleetmind hide its involvement.

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Captain Kerchak was first introduced on 2003-10-15 after having lost a couple of scouts in the Outjack.

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