Colonel Clarence Jaksmouth

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At some point before he went rogue with Admiral Andreyasn, Colonel Jaksmouth appears to have had some history with Jevee Ceeta 2004-02-16. General Xinchub and Colonel Jaksmouth worked together in UNS Intelligence.

Colonel Jaksmouth led the 711th UNS Marines before and after they went rogue with Admiral Breya Andreyasn. He was killed by a "self inflicted" gunshot wound to the head orchestrated by Gus, the UNS Tunguska's AI, in the Zoojack system.

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Other notable appearances

Jaksmouth appeared briefly at the beginning of the Zoojack storyline on 2003-09-14, and came back a month later for further involvement on 2003-10-14.

He is mentioned in strip 2004-01-12 as having given orders to Doc Voyt to strike the field hospital on ? in the Zoojack System.

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