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The Zoojack system got its name from Admiral Breya Andreyasn. The thousands of space-stations belting the central star are all jack-shaped, and are full of life-forms from all over the galaxy, like game preserves.

The three most massive objects in the Zoojack system are the star and the pair of Wormgates orbiting it. There are no planets. Orbiting between the Wormgates is an "asteroid belt" consisting almost entirely of space stations, sub-stations, and related detritus of identical design. All of the stations have power systems that are either shielded from detection or dead.


The exterior plating on the Zoojack Wormgate dates it as having been built between eight and sixteen million standard years prior to the 31st century. The Wormgate has been disabled for roughly one hundred thousand years 2003-10-09. Something (presumably the Pa'anuri) shepherds the stations from time to time to prevent them colliding 2003-11-12.

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First appeared as the setting for Breya's call in 2003-09-12

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