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Schlock's first booceros mount in the Zoojack 2003-11-28. Deceased.


Jeremiah was a Booceros that Schlock rode (after jamming a tree branch up it's backside for motivational purposes) in Zoojack Station Alpha. Partway along Schlock's journey, Jeremiah was killed by spears thrown by the locals.

Jeremiah was named for the song Joy To The World by Three Dog Night which survived into the 31st century, although badly corrupted. The first line now goes "Jeremiah was a bull." Schlock, having heard the song as sung by a band of Unioc space-pirates, simply used the first name for a bull that he could think of.

Music scholars agree that the lyrics have been corrupted, but are not sure whether Jeremiah was a bull elephant, a bulldozer, or just full of bull. If you'd kept your Three Dog Night CD in a safe place this wouldn't be a problem 2003-11-28.

Affiliations & Relationships[edit]

Named/ridden by Schlock.


First appearance[edit]

Jeremiah first appeared on 2003-11-26, and was named/killed on 2003-11-28.

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Author's Note[edit]

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