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Zoojack Alpha is a large, topographically complex, biological preserve/prison in the Zoojack system. It contains docking areas large enough to park the UNS Frigate Sarasota. Zoojack Alpha's preserve area is referred to as the Outjack 2003-10-14 The Outjack itself is over 4000 square kilometers of unbroken wilderness folded into about 1000 cubic kilometers. Advanced gravitic systems provide constant gravity to this folded paradise 2003-10-19, while a broadcast system relays the goings on in the Outjack to the Pa'anuri via gravitic modulation 2004-01-01.


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Notable Residents and Expatriates

Booceros, a non-sophont herd animal "Fido," the unnamed race of primitive bipedal hunter sophonts

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First mentioned 2003-09-28

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