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Zoojack Station Alpha served as a nature preserve for at least two species of fauna: the booceros, and those that hunted them. Called "Fido" by Schlock, they hunt in packs. They seem highly ritualized, referring to occasions where they hunt without spears, simply chasing the booceros until the prey falls over dead, as a way to "purify the souls of both the hunter and hunted." Also, after they call off the hunt when they determine that they all speak the same language ("Food that talks is not food"), their leader offers to seal the peace with their wounded with a shared meal.

Bipedal, the average adult appears to be approximately 2 meters tall when standing upright.

Notable Members[edit]

Kak, head of the hunt that encounters then-Captain Kerchak's platoon after the platoon members were forced to divest themselves of armor and weapons


Notable Organizations[edit]

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First seen, where they were referred to as "cat-monkeys" and "the Tarzan gang": [1] First speaking appearance: [2]

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