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P.D.C.L. Longboat; destroyed.


Toenail One was built in the //Post-Dated Check Loan//'s fabber for Tagon's Toughs 2001-06-15 , and christened after Petey commented that naming the ship would be akin to a human naming their toenails 2001-06-16. After Breya Andreyasn was fired from the company, she was given Toenail One as part of her severance package. 2001-09-05.

Notable Owners/Pilots[edit]


First appearance[edit]

First appeared on 2001-06-15, named in the following strip.

Other notable appearances[edit]

The story got back to the crew of Toenail Oneon 2001-10-07.

Author's Note[edit]

[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!]


[Insert uncertain and speculative facts about the vehicle.]

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