Corporal Jeremiah Shephard

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Jeremiah Shepherd ("Shep") was one of the first non-officer Toughs introduced in the comic.


Shep grew up with his parents on Venus. At some point, they moved to Tokyo3, before moving on to Haven Hive. For the entirety of his time with the Toughs, Shep had a symbiotic lifeform attached to his eyes that resembled Geordi La Forge's VISOR. After spending several years with the Toughs, Shep retired to return to his home on Haven Hive. After taking one of Professor Pau's elixirs, he lost all his soldier boosts and his symbiotic visor.

Affiliations & Relationships

Joanna Shephard (mother) Nick (friend)


First appearance

Shep first appeared riding in a cab with Nick during the BOARDERS! storyline 2000-10-24. First identified by name on 2000-12-28

Other notable appearances

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Author's Note

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