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Celeschul Defence Services is the military arm of the Celeschul system. The force is presumably mostly human.


Prior to the onset of the Teraport Wars, the CDS was independent and had engaged in at least one conflict (known as the Terraforming Wars). As the galaxy became even more dangerous, the Celeschul system signed a joint-forces agreement with the UNS. That treaty must have been far ranging as that meant a UNS general could call up a CDS reservist.

Another incident was the Great Lacuna (dates uncertain but including 2921). Specifics are unavailable.

Notable Members[edit]

CAPT Tagon GEN Karl Tagon LTCDR Der Trihs CDRE Knutsov

Affiliations & Relationships[edit]

Presumably had contacts with other human militaries. Eventually became closely integrated with the UNS. Sub-organizations The Oatmeal Peacekeepers An Elite Intelligence Unit (unnamed, involved surgical brain upgrades) Peaceable Walks (utilized special goober rounds for urban drops)


First appearance[edit]

Mentioned in strip 2006-03-10.

Other notable appearances[edit]

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Author's Note[edit]

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It seems reasonable that if Sanctum Adroit was allowed to operate within the system, that the CDS still retains licensing power despite an apparent unwillingness to police the Hives.

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