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Mercenary Company in Celeschul region, though they refer to themselves in the strip as "Emergency armed response organization" 2011-07-29.


Described by Tagon as "the haughtiest, most self-righteous mercenary company I know of" 2011-11-04.

Notable Members[edit]

Affiliations & Relationships[edit]

Contracted for security by Professor Pau on Haven Hive. Only authorized armed response body on Haven Hive 2011-07-29 Supplied several Pendrake CS-3100 Ablator Exo-Suits on contract for use by Maximillian Haluska's hirelings who worked as security for Professor Pau on the //Serial Beggar//. Accepted a contract to provide law enforcement services in the city of Jumpstar Prime in Eina-Afa 2015-08-20


First appearance[edit]

First official appearance in Book 12: Force Multiplication, at Beggar Bay on 2011-07-24, but one of the troops arrests Para Ventura in 2011-07-23, and their gunship //Bristlecone// first appears in 2011-05-31 at Beggar Bay, prompting comment from Kathryn Flinders.

Other notable appearances[edit]

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Author's Note[edit]

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[Insert uncertain and speculative facts about the character.] The name Sanctum Adroit is made up from words meaning: Sanctum: A sacred or private place 1 From Latin sānctum (“holy place”) which is also the root for sanctuary

  1. A place of safety, refuge,or protection.
  2. An area set aside for protection.
  3. A state of being protected, asylum.

Adroit: Dextrous (lit: right handed), deft, skilled 2 So far it is trying hard to live up to

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