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Hooded & masked enforcer.

Maximillian Haluska, often simply referred to as "Max" by various characters, was a hooded and masked enforcer for hire who showed up on Haven Hive as an agent working for Professor Pau. He confronted Kathryn in her bus. After a failed interrogation attempt, he was about to shoot her but she disarmed him and shot him in the mouth, the only area not covered by armor, killing him 2011-06-21.

Though information hinted that Max might be a UNS agent 2011-06-12, it was later confirmed that Max was in the employ of the UNS and was sabotaging Pau's nanny program 2011-08-14.

After Kathryn donned his armor, she found that his mask had a heads-up display and a full comm rig with connections to the security systems on the Serial Beggar 2011-06-28. Kathryn was able to use this to suppress the fire containment systems and gain intel 2011-08-03.

Max later returned to life, thanks to RED Number Two 2011-08-19. He remotely detonated his mask, but Schlock ripped it off Kathryn's face before it exploded, saving her life 2011-08-21.

Affiliations & Relationships[edit]

  • Hired gun to Professor Pau
  • Agent for some branch of UNS Intelligence


Max visits Shep's mother and makes threats 2011-05-01

Other notable appearances[edit]

Max is shot dead by Kathryn on 2011-06-21 Appears alive 2011-08-19

Author's Note[edit]

[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!]


Returns to life because he has Project Laz'r'us Nannies in his system?

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