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Nanny treatment. Said to be bad Latin for "This backs up your brain into your skin" 2011-10-26, which is what it does. Given its

Etymologically speaking, it means "Backwards outside brain skin", but three of those four roots are actually Greek; only "retro" is Latin.


"RED Number Two," apparently the second version of the treatment, was originally encountered by the Toughs on Haven Hive 2011-10-27 developed by Project Laz'R'us. It restored Max Haluska to life after Kathryn Flinders had shot him in the head 2011-08-20.

Later, the Gavs on Oisri were taken over by the RedHack, an "assault package" version which commandeered RED nannies to copy Kowalski's brain into their heads.

Notable Examples

[Just what it says]


First appearance

Discovered by Dr. Bunnigus on Haven Hive 2011-10-26

Other notable appearances

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Author's Note

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There is speculation that RED #2 may be what enabled Balt Binion to not die from a self-inflicted (though accidental) beheading on Oisrí.

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