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UNS agent, human male.


Kowalski is a sergeant 2014-06-07 reporting directly to Admiral Emm. His gestalt was used to overwrite and take over a number of transmogrified Gav clones on Oisrí, as part of RedHack 2012-04-23. When //Morokweng// was destroyed, he piloted an escape pod, saving Admiral Emm, Captain Gasca, Commodore Bhotsu, and Aldo 2012-12-21.

Later, his mind was copied again and downloaded into the body of Mathilde Libretti 2014-06-14. The resulting "Agent Mako" then attempted to spy on the Toughs as they visited Dom Atlantis on Earth.

Affiliations & Relationships[edit]


First appearance[edit]

Appears, talking with Krum 2012-04-23

Other notable appearances[edit]

Pilots escape pod from Morokweng 2012-12-21 Explains how his gestalt finds its way into unsuspecting sleepers 2014-05-28 Takes over Libretti's mind 2014-06-14

Author's Note[edit]

[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!]


Probably making sure Hell is secured before he or Col. Krum arrives there 2012-11-30.

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