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A genial, balding barkeep.


Aldo ran a bar named Aldo's Snort'n'chug on Elltooine Habitat, in Celeschul. Later he re-opened doors on the UNS Battleplate Tunguska, but he survived that to re-re-open doors on the UNS Battleplate Morokweng 2008-03-18. He survived the Morokweng's destruction thanks to Kowalski 2012-12-21.

Affiliations & Relationships

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First appearance

He provides a temporary job to Schlock while he is trying to earn enough money to get his baggage. After Schlock gets his baggage back, Aldo suggests that he should go hire on with Tagon's Toughs, leading to the first strip of the comic.[1]

Other notable appearances

Aldo resurfaced in the web-strip 2008-03-17

Author's Note

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External References

  1. Baggage Claim, in Book 1 The Tub of Happiness, Page 6-9.